A fleeting scent

As we walked out to the car this morning, there was almost a briskness in the air that hasn’t been there in a few weeks. We’ve had an odd summer, to say the least. We had warmth in May, and then rain through June and most of July it seemed. Now we’re in August and it feels mostly like summer – hot and humid.

Except for today. Today, I smelled it. It’s coming. Maybe not for another few weeks, or even another two months, but it’s coming, and I love it.

Fall. It’s the best time of the year. While I’m not rushing summer away this year (as the thought of the first snowfall also brings thoughts of being housebound in a two bedroom apartment with two small children!) but I can’t help letting my mind wonder to thoughts of fall.

Of apples, crisp fall air, leaves of red and golden hues, apple pie, fall hikes, sweater weather, and of all things pumpkin. I love just about everything about fall. The smells, the sounds – you cannot get a better sound than children tromping through piles of leaves – and the sights.

Today, for a brief moment, I smelled the fleeting scent of fall. It made my day.

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