Paige adores her big brother. Most days, Fynn tolerates his little sister. She follows him around, babbling, trying to get his attention. Trying to do everything that Fynn does.

We hear a lot of No Paige and please get Paige and noooooo!!! We’re working with Fynn to give him other outlets to help with his frustration other than pushing his sister down… but it takes time, and it’s tough for a two year old.

There are moments though when it all clicks, and we know giving him a sibling was not the worst idea in the world. This evening was one of them. My heart melted when I heard Mommy I play soccer with Paige, and then it gushed all over the floor when he later said to Paige Here you go Paige, your turn.

I think it’s quite possible that at some point in this whole parenting thing, we did something right.


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