Christmas every Tuesday

Every Tuesday Lucas comes home bearing the best gifts in the world.

An entire box full of farm fresh goodies! We partake in a CSA (community supported agriculture). A local farm divides up some of their crops to members who pay for a share of their seasonal vegetables.

It’s one of the best things we’ve ever spent money on. Not only do we get our vegetables for the week, but we get things we might never ever buy at the grocery store. I never would buy fennel, or leeks, or chard on a whim. But we don’t control what they put in our box, so we have to get really creative in using whatever shows up on our doorstep. I’ve gotten really good at just throwing things in the pot, so to speak, whatevers in the fridge gets used before it gets old. I have dried herbs to keep through the winter, tried things way out of our comfort zone, and have generally been pleased with the results.

Aug 25, 2009 016

Hacking through my soybean plant tonight I felt like some sort of pioneer… as funny as that sounds. I never would think that I’d be boiling baby soybeans at this very moment, but I am, and it gives me a great deal of pride. Almost every dinner we’ve had since late May has included produce from our CSA. Another source of a gread deal of pride.It’s almost like a game – how resourceful can you be?

Aug 25, 2009 023

Receiving the box every week also makes me long for a garden of my own… I think about all the yummy things we could plant, and how much fun it would be to go out with the kids and harvest our crops. Maybe not a full garden, but someday I think I’d like at least a small one.

There is something to be said for fresh vegetables.

You can’t get anything closer to the earth, anything more nutritious.

Bring on the beets and edemame please!

Aug 25, 2009 017


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  1. liz

    csa’s are great! we did one back when marley was a toddler but stopped with the craziness of the next two kids. now all the good ones in our area have a waiting list forever long!!! but you have inspired me to check again…maybe something will open up in time for fall yumminess!

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