A perfect outing

We’ve been grumpy this week

waking up on the wrong side of the bed far too many days in a row

Fynn actually didn’t want to leave this morning

But we went anyway

Aug 27, 2009 021

Fynn ran

Paige chased

Mommy walked

Aug 27, 2009 009

Then Fynn came back to tell us about his travels

Paige was still chasing

Mommy listened

Aug 27, 2009 010

We walked through meadows

Fynn at his own pace

Mommy & Paige slightly behind (Paige in our nifty new Ergo…)

Aug 27, 2009 028

And then it was time to turn around

Fynn grabbed my hand

Off we went

Aug 27, 2009 037

Back to the car

For snacks and some climbing

Paige not even two steps behind Fynn

Aug 27, 2009 049

And we laughed

Basking in the almost autumn sun

We weren’t grumpy any more



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2 responses to “A perfect outing

  1. Crystal

    I still can’t believe we missed each other! It looks like the three of you had a wonderful morning, though! Thankfully it was a beautiful day. We’ll have to try again sometime…and arrange to meet at the same parking lot! =)

  2. I love this post! Beautiful arrangement of your words. For us, it’s picnics that cure the grumpies.

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