I’m coming up on my three year anniversary of being unemployed. How did that happen?? That means Fynn is almost three… but I’m so not going there tonight.

The funny, or interesting, thing is that I’ve lasted longer at being a stay at home mom than I have at any job. Granted, I wasn’t in the working world all that long before I got married and wanted to start having babies, but still, I was never content in any job. I temped the first year after college, then was at a  pseudo publishing company (that just republished already published things online – go figure) where I met my hubby, then a marketing company (not doing marketing though), and finally I was at a medical staffing company. All within a three years. I think the problem was I wasn’t challenged at any of the positions, so I got bored. And irritated. And I had no patience for the job or people.

I graduated with a degree in Political Science, and a minor in English. You can do great things with that – but I never had the guts to take the GRE’s so that I could continue on with my education (as those sorts of degrees almost always lead to grad school in some way or another). I just didn’t have the motivation, the energy. I took the path of least resistance. Meaning, the lower paying jobs that didn’t come with a lot of glory.

Then I got pregnant. And everything shifted, what really mattered became clear, and I knew what I wanted to do – what I wanted to be.

I’m not saying the old cliche “I was meant to be a mom” – I find that kind of silly. But motherhood has given me a sense of purpose. My kids have made me want to be better, they give me motivation every day to do something. I’m not very driven in nature, but they give me drive.

When they’re in school, I have every intention of getting back into the working world. In what sense, I’m not sure. I’m very lucky in that my husband is the most supportive man I’ve ever known. He knows being at home makes me happy (most days…), and that makes him happy. We cut a lot, and I mean a LOT, of corners so that I can be at home with the kids. Our bills get paid, and sometimes we have a little extra, we’re hardly living a life of luxury. But we’re all in love and happy.

I have more to show for the last three years being at home than at any job. This road has not always been easy, but it’s the most rewarding one I’ve traveled. I wasn’t always sure I’d find something that would drive me, but thankfully my kids found me.


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  1. I can’t begin to express how much this post resonated with me. And since I don’t really have the words, I’ll just say “thank you.”

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