A little slower please

They seem bigger this week

Maybe it’s the long pants and sneakers

Or how they’re both losing the roundness of baby cheeks

Aug 31, 2009 021

Maybe it’s how fast they’re running

And how high they’re climbing

Or the silliness that comes with age

Aug 31, 2009 026

Maybe it’s the small voices getting bigger

Or quiet thoughts that come across their faces

Aug 31, 2009 033

Whatever it is, I want it to slow down

This week, they seem so big


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4 responses to “A little slower please

  1. I hear you! The time is flying by and the kids keep growing faster and faster. Love the pics-they are such happy kiddos.

  2. writewoman

    Thanks for visiting my page. (mid-life mama on blogger). I am enjoying your blog. Beautiful children! Since you seem to have found cooler weather please send some our way. (Florida) ­čÖé

  3. I know how you feel… all too well!


  4. Such wonderful photos! I’m wishing for time to slow itself down a bit, as well.

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