Unlikely toys

My kids, like most others, have a tendency to get into anything. And make toys out of everything. They’ve been known to go to town with tubes of Desitin and toothpaste. Fynn’s most favorite thing to do is to fill his dump trucks up with raisins. Paige has a preference for empty sippy cups. You get the idea.

Recently they’ve had another facination. I was making lunch, and poked my head in the living room to find this:

Sept 1, 2009 041

They apparently  raided mommy’s drawer in the bathroom…


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4 responses to “Unlikely toys

  1. Well, now you know what to grab out of your purse next time you need a distraction at the grocery store. 😉

  2. That’s hysterical! And I love that you thought to get a photo of this!!

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