If only…

If only Target had a drive thru
children could entertain themselves
my kids napped on their own
laundry did itself
dishes didn’t accumulate
bathrooms were self cleaning
my google reader wasn’t full of unread items to be read
and toy trains never got lost or ran off track…

… my to do list might get done.

We’re leaving in two days (yikes!) for our first big week long trip as a family of four. I’m just a little overwhelmed at the moment… and for each item I cross off my list I seem to add about five more. It’ll all get done, eventually. But there’s so much to do right now. I’m so looking forward to the pre-vacation rush to end… and for the relaxing by my parents pool to begin…



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6 responses to “If only…

  1. mommy boo of two

    I wish laundry did itself! Of all the chores that need to get done in a week that is the one I dread. Not necessarily the loading and switching of the clothes, but the folding and putting away of the clothes. What a pain in the ass that is to do!

  2. liz

    after having done a fair amount of family traveling my advice (if you are interested) is to try and remember that most things, if forgotten, can be gotten at a store near your parents…not that i agree with a ‘just buy another’ approach to life, but when you are packing for a trip it can help your sanity to keep that in mind!!!

    …and at least with my kids, most of the toys they bring from home never get played with someplace else!

    good luck honey and don’t forget to have a great time. give your mom a hug for me!!

  3. liz

    oh, and my biggest wish right now is that pee always made it *into* the toilet. the boys, because they don’t have the aim down and don’t always pay attention. and lucile because she insists she can pee standing up, too.

  4. crnnoel

    That’s what I keep thinking Liz!! Thank goodness they don’t live in the boonies somewhere ­čśë
    And seriously, how cute is Lucile? But what a mess that must make!

  5. Just the other day, when I was trying to get errands done and Sean fell asleep in the car, I drove by Target wishing they had a drive-thru!

    “Can I get a bottle of laundry detergent…can you supersize that? A pair of toddler boy’s shorts, size 18 months. Make that two. And a bag of Reeces Pieces for me, please.”

  6. I discovered this little ‘joy’ when I was pregnant with my second & I needed food & drink right away, with number one asleep in the back of the car drive thru was my only hope…

    I have only read a little of your blog but my gosh I can relate to many of the things I have read so far, my children are similar ages

    c x

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