Leaving… on a jet plane…

Tomorrow morning we head out for our week long adventure! We’re heading down to my parents where we will get spoiled with a pool right as we step out of their patio, yummy food, lots of love, and hopefully a margarita or two for the adults ­čśë Since my folks moved, just about four years ago, it’s been no secret that I’ve missed them terribly! This will mark only the third time I’ve been down to visit, so I’m looking forward to it very very much. Plus the kids (mainly Fynn…) are super excited about going on an airplane to see Grammy and Grampy!

Anyway, though I might (and I say might because the reality is that there will be two computers there calling my name…) be on vacation, this little old blog will not! I have five posts scheduled for next week, a few of my favorites that I posted on The Story of Fynn & Paige that I wanted to bring over here. And of course, I might be all sneaky and hop on to share some pictures from our sunny days midweek if you’re lucky ­čśë

Until we get back, I’m probably going to go through blogging withdrawls. It’s an odd thing, this blogging. My reader is so full of blogs that I’ve found in even just the past few days that I can’t stop reading. I need to update my blog list on the side here, but that will┬ábe on my to do’s when I get back. So many blogs, so little time!

We’re packed and just about ready to go, hopefully we’ll be blessed with a little rest tonight and lots of patience tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed our little fliers do well, and possibly nap the whole flight!


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3 responses to “Leaving… on a jet plane…

  1. Crystal

    Have a safe trip and a wonderful week!

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