Softness around the edges

This guy sometimes has it rough sometimes

Sept 4, 2009 025

It’s got to be tough being two, almost three.

Up against a cute little sister who is all smiles and snuggles most of the time.

It’s not that he’s not cuddly, it’s that there are so many two’isms that take place on a daily basis.

It makes it hard.

For everyone.

But he does have soft moments.

He’s known to come out of nowhere with “snuggle mommy please!”

We’re a snuggle on demand kind of a place around here.

That’s what keeps us going through the two’isms.


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2 responses to “Softness around the edges

  1. I have never met another mom who believes it must be hard to be two, or three, or thirteen (whatever age their child is). Nice to “meet” you. God bless. ­čÖé

  2. Crystal

    It is tough being just one or two. There’s so much you want to do but just can’t, so much you you want to express but aren’t quite able to…no wonder they resort to tantrums sometimes. Can you imagine how frustrating it must be sometimes?

    You have such a beautiful way of expressing things, especially those quiet moments of motherhood.

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