Some Days

There are some days, granted not as many as I would like, where I think I have my act together. There are some days I feel like a good mom.
It started last night when I wasn’t all that bothered that Paige needed me in the middle of the night. She snuggled in, and instead of the normal middle of the night crying to get up and play, she just needed someone’s arm (or bosom… or belly…) to act as a pillow. She’d sigh, reposition herself, and then would go back to sleep. So sweet.

Then this morning I packed the kids in the car and headed to a park for a playdate with some friends. Fynn talked the whole way there, and even made Paige laugh. Their laughter, together, in the back of the car is the cutest thing. He asked for “loud noise”, which means Cake’s version of the Muppets “Manamana” song. He sang, and Paige just squealed with delight.

At the park both kids enjoyed themselves. Paige was in the sling, but that never stops her from babbling, watching, and taking everything in. Fynn, on the other hand, learned today how to roll down a hill ­čÖé He normally runs, but today he figured out he could roll! So much fun! He’s also learning how to swing on the big kids swings. He’s figuring out how to pump his legs, and he likes it when Paige and I sit on a swing next to him and go high up in the air next to him.

There were no struggles trying to leave the park, which always puts a smile on my face.

We headed home for lunch, where both kids sat at the table and ate the lunch that I prepared for them. Another reason to smile.

Then they both settled in for naps. A quiet afternoon at our home is a beautiful thing ­čÖé

I have sweet children, and that also makes me smile, and ultimately makes me think I did something right along the way. Every day brings new challenges when it comes to parenting, but every day also brings reasons to smile, and reasons (though sometimes hidden) to believe that I’m a good mom. I don’t think mother’s give themselves enough credit – ever.

Hopefully every mom has those “I’m a rock star of a mom” days. The best are when they come out of no where, and you spend the day with a huge grin on your face, just thankful for your children. Thankful to be a mother.

Some Days was originally posted on June 3rd, 2009 at The Story of Fynn and Paige by moi…


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