In an Instant

He was standing, watching the big kids play. Watching the world go by. Enjoying his snack. Life cereal.

I looked up, and saw him start walking, and saw bikes start rushing towards him.

I think I yelled. His full name.

And then in slow motion he looked up, looked at me, and then looked at the bikes. He missed two, but the third caught him. His foot? His sweatshirt? I’m not sure.

Cereal went flying through the air in slow motion. Fynn was dragged behind – or was it beside? – the pink bicycle.

The playground went silent. I threw the camera down, and rushed towards my baby. Found him to be ok, asked the little girl who crashed off of her bike if she was alright. She just stared, embarrassed and scared. The playground stayed silent for a moment, until they could see both kids standing, and everything was alright.

No one spoke to us. No one went running to the little girl. Everyone just stared.

In an Instant was originally posted on April 24th, 2009 at The Story of Fynn & Paige by moi…


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2 responses to “In an Instant

  1. I know this happened months ago, but I am still glad everyone was OK. That could have been a life changing moment. God bless.

  2. oh, yes…in an instant. so, glad that instant turned out just fine. it really does shake us to the core, though, doesn’t it?

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