Cheering Squad

For months I had heard from all my mom friends how convenient going through a drive thru was for a soda. With two kids – even just one – it’s more than a pain to get out of the car and stop at a convenience store for just a soda.

But some days, you need that pick me up. That cold wonderful refreshment that is otherwise known as a Diet Coke.

So one day, not that long ago, I had two sleeping children in my car. And I needed a soda. Badly.

So I pulled my mommy mobile into the drive thru lane at McDonald’s. I nervously ordered just a soda. I was ready for ridicule when the attendant said “is that all?”, and after I said “yes, that’s all” I held my breath. But all she said was “drive right up!”

Handing over my debit card to pay for my $1.49 soda (because I never have cash on me….), I again waited for rolled eyes or a snide comment. But no! I got a nice smile and a “have a nice day!”.

This is the best part. When I pulled up to the pick up window the server was there, practically leaning out the window like someone on the side of a running race with a cup of water for the runner! I grabbed my soda, barely having to slow down, and it seemed like the server gave me an understanding smile as she glanced in the rear seat of the Volvo.

My fear of stopping for just a coke was over! Since the car naps have made a huge comeback the last few weeks, I’ve stopped to visit my cheering squad more times than I’d care to admit. But it’s the best afternoon pick me up I can think of.

And they all give me that knowing smile, which helps me to finish the days when I feel like I am, indeed, finishing a marathon.

Cheering Squad was originally published on April 6th, 2009 at The Story of Fynn & Paige by moi…


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