It’s so Monday

We made it back safe and sound from our vacation! The kids did marvelously on the flight, and left us in awe of our children. We had such a wonderful time, we’re all thankful for family and the ability to sit back, swim for almost a whole week, and eat good food and visit for hours. There’s always something to talk about with family. Whether you’re two feet or three thousand miles away. There’s always so many words to say and yet sometimes the most powerful are the ones felt and not spoken.

Anyway, I’m not going to get weepy for what we left in Florida. We’re moving on with our week. And today, is by far already one of the most trying Mondays I’ve had in a long time.

It’s just 9:30, and already the couch has been taken apart and remade into a toddler worthy coushionless abode.

I’ve already changed four poopy diapers. And that’s just been since the hubby left for work at 8:10. The kids are apparently happy to be home…

I’ve already said many things in a harsher tone than they were meant to be said in, and apologized.

I have little ones under my feet because they’ve forgotten what it’s like to play with each other or by themselves… the unspoken “joy” of returning from vacation…

I was told by 8:15 that we had to get ready to go.

We had to go see Grammy.

By 8:30 clothes were on, and promises of a trip to Trader Joe’s to get a balloon were made.

We’ll leave at 10. After our first viewing of Dinosaur Train on PBS (by which Fynn is entirely enthralled right now!)

It’s a Monday after vacation, and those days are always the most trying. I didn’t want to plan anything because we need a day to catch up, but the catch up days are most often the most painful ones. How does that work? It’s like the children don’t have the words relax or recouperate in their vocabulary. Maybe that comes with teen angst.

Oh – and the best thing? I think my camera is broken. It won’t focus, and that breaks my heart. We didn’t use it at all on vacation because we used my mom’s fancy camera. Ours must have felt neglected… now nothing is in focus. Kind of like my Monday. If I had thought more about that I could have worked it into some great metaphor of a post.

But I’m out of focus, and can’t get my own butt in gear today.

However, the laundry is going, the tv is on, the kids are clothed and fed, maybe I’m doing better than I thought.


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2 responses to “It’s so Monday

  1. Praying for you as you reaclimate to daily life. God bless.

  2. I’m glad to hear that your vacation was restful and fun.

    We’ll be flying for the first time with our girls this Friday. Any tips? ­čÖé

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