Beauty in the simple moments

This boy loves to help


And he loves to bake


More importantly, he loves to eat what he bakes. And mixes.


There is joy in his helping. He gains so much from the process; he’s so proud of his work, so happy with the outcome, so happy just to help. It’s beautiful, and joyful, in it’s simplicity.

Check out  Chatting at the Sky today. Emily is hosting Tuesdays Unwrapped, and there’s always plenty of good reads!



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10 responses to “Beauty in the simple moments

  1. Aw! That last picture is a riot! Great blog– great reminder of the joy we can find in what’s simple.

  2. So cute! I don’t love the mess of baking with children, but the joy on their faces make it worthwhile!!!

  3. mommy boo of two

    I love the picture of his head in the bowl. too cute 🙂 It’s fun when they’re old enough to help with those things.

  4. oh i love to lick the bowl! that cracks me up!

  5. Gotta love how his face disappears in the bowl! So cute!

  6. this is priceless. Kudos to you for allowing this. These are the good memories. 🙂

  7. thanks for stopping by my blog!

    he is beautiful! i love his hands held out wide! 🙂

    and i love the title of your blog (maybe b/c i love twizzlers, too?!)

  8. love it, corinne! thanks for stopping by my place today! glad to have found you! 🙂

  9. And he loves to eat! So sweet.


  10. My 3-year-old loves to “help” too. We bake together at least a few times our week. Our three favorite recipes lately have been: peanut butter balls, homemade granola bars, and chocolate chip mini muffins.

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