Quiet vs. Naptime

Fynn and I are at a very important crossroads.

He’s ready to give up his nap.

Unfortunately, I suffer deal with chronic migraines. Meaning, I’m not ready for him to give up his nap.

But, if the child naps (no matter how fatigued or not he is) for more than five minutes, he goes to sleep at an ungodly hour at night. Like even 10 or 11pm. For my sanity, and for my marriage, I think we need to get rid of naptime.

The problem is, I still need there to be quiet time while Paige naps. For my head, seriously. But Fynn has other plans. If he’s awake, he’s awake, and wanting to play and do all the things that a two – almost three – year old likes to do. The time is minimal, since Paige doesn’t really like to nap either… but some days there’s at least an hour where she’s peaceful in her crib.

So, I need help. How do you institute a quiet time? Or what do you do while one child naps and the other is awake, to preserve your sanity? I know others out there have done it. Do I lock put him in my bedroom since the kids share a room and expect him to destroy my room and bounce on the bed read stories quietly to himself? Do I suck it up and really not have any quiet time during the day? Is there a happy medium? Will I ever be able to sit quietly again???

While I wait for answers, I’ll sit here in mourning for Fynn’s naptime… it was wonderful while it lasted!



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5 responses to “Quiet vs. Naptime

  1. Heather

    When Jack started to fight the nap and I desperately needed that afternoon break, I would put him in his bed with books and find the longest lullaby CD I could find and he wasn’t allowed to be done with quiet time until the music stopped. Some days he would be lulled to sleep and some days he did stay put and then some days he would stop the CD and proudly announce that quiet time was over! These days Jack does not nap at all and knows that Mommy needs some quiet time so he doesnt bother me for the most part while I rest or get things done. It’s kinda annoying how much energy 3 year olds have considering Im up to my ears with a caffeine addiction! This is a tough stage for you, I hope that you find a solution that works and can get that afternoon break!

  2. In my house, there isn’t quiet time. My daughter still takes a nap in the afternoon, and it takes everything I have to keep my boys even at a reasonable volume then. It’s actually more hassle than it’s probably worth. If I had more rooms or space it might be better, but like you, my kids share a room and our house is small with thin walls on top of it. In other words, I have no words of wisdom to share. Sorry.

    I suffer from migraines, too, so I definitely know where you’re coming from.

  3. I don’t know what to tell you. I was the (crazy) mom that staggered her children’s nap times on purpose so that I could have one-on-one time with each child. And reminded myself that I would have time for me when they graduated from college. I don’t think I would do it that way now. I will pray for you. Especially with the migraines. God bless.

  4. liz

    what i have done in the past when one is still napping is to have a certain basket or container of toys that is only for quiet time. this way the older child has something to look forward to while the younger one gets the needed rest. books on cd work well and that always added another layer of fun to our library trips (to pick out the quiet time books). not sure if you have the space to stash away a basket or box, but it may help.
    good luck!

  5. My oldest gave up a nap when she was about 2 years old and it’s been better for all of us. I may not have “quiet” during the day, but she goes to bed pretty easily at night so it’s been a good “trade.” 🙂

    Best wishes!

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