About Twizzlers

The thing about Twizzlers is that my kids can’t have them.

Or, rather, Fynn can’t have them. He has a sensitivity to Red Dye #40. Meaning, if he gets even a tad, he’s a wild and crazy demon child. I’m not kidding. I so wish I was.

So we’ve cut out everything with funky dyes. In addition we’ve also cut out things that could possibly contain peanuts or tree nuts (thanks to his nut allergy, which *fingers crossed* he’ll outgrow). I’m like a detective when it comes to food labels these days… something I never thought I would be. All in all though, it’s gotten us to pay more attention to the food we eat, what we put in our bodies, etc. And I think it makes a big difference when you put mostly natural foods in your body, rather than additive filled things that you can’t even pronounce.

In any case… I love Twizzlers (hence the title of this blog). But I have to sneak them into the house to get my fix. I hide them in way up high cabinets where toddlers can’t see or reach. We do this if we really really need something that might contain nuts (both the hubby and I have insane sweet tooths, and sometimes we just have to have a brownie bite from the grocery store… and those might contain nuts).

When I was thinking about a title for this blog, I wanted to have something that described me and the kids. So, Fynn loves trains, he’s obsessed. Because of this, they’re off limits to Paige. And Paige I think will love tutus, as she loves shoes and she loves dancing and most pretty things. Her special things will mostly be off limits to Fynn. As for me, my off limit things are Twizzlers.

We all need things that are off limits to others, that are special and untouchable. We need to hold those things near and dear, maybe giving others a glimpse, but always holding them next to our heart. A special indulgence, a treasure no one else understands. I think everyone needs a thing. Sometimes I have a thing for pumpkin spice lattes, sometimes I have a thing for Diet Coke, but I will always have a thing for Twizzlers.

That’s the thing about Twizzlers.


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  1. I do too! I keep them in my office drawer at all times. I LOVE them!

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