Dualing personalities

Does anyone else’s toddler do this?

One minute Fynn’s throwing the most atrocious tantrum. Screaming, whining, running around and throwing himself on the couch.

The next minute he comes up to me and says “hi Mommy!” like he’s just seeing me for the first time, or I’m just seeing him… huh.

It’s like he closes his eyes, put his hand in front of his face and presto chango he’s a new boy!

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in action. Toddler dramatics at their best.


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2 responses to “Dualing personalities

  1. Um, yeah. I have an equally schizophrenic toddler here too. Tiz the age, I suppose. This too shall pass. But not soon enough, right?

  2. Heather

    The exact day Nolan turned 2, no joke, he turned into that kid. very scary and very sad.

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