He listened!

Earlier this week I told my husband that I was almost near tears because we went apple picking… with no camera. Since my camera decided to kick the bucket, I’ve been going through photography withdrawls. Every day for nearly three years I’ve taken pictures of my kid(s).

Today, the hubby came home with a box. A surprise! He knows I hate surprises, so he was a little nervous…

but this man… got it right!

Sept 18, 2009 010

He brought home Nikon D3000! We were talking about it, but I didn’t think it’d be a possibility for another two weeks. And thinking about not taking pictures for two weeks almost sent me out to buy a bunch of those little disposable cameras… which is an unacceptable thought.

But the man is wonderful, and did a fantastic job picking out a camera for us, and is letting me think it’s all for me ­čśë

The battery was ready after Paige went to bed, but here’s a few pictures of Fynn to show off what my new baby can do…

Sept 18, 2009 001Sept 18, 2009 032

And that makes this woman very, very happy ­čÖé

Sept 18, 2009 033



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5 responses to “He listened!

  1. That was such a nice thing for your hubby to do. ­čÖé

  2. mommy boo of two

    What a great surprise! I would love to get a nice camera like that. Someday, I suppose.

  3. Thanks for your comment. I’m leaning toward the 3000 too. I’ll let you know what I end up getting. Your pictures look great!

  4. Corinne's Mom

    What a nice photo of your great hubby! Have a great time! and thanks for sharing so much of what you do!!!

  5. Our husbands must have been separated at birth. My hubby did the EXACT same thing last week! I love my Nikon D3000!!!
    Aren’t we blessed!

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