Checking in

An old friend from college recently wrote to check in on life. We compared, and we couldn’t have ended up on more different paths. We were on the same one for a little while, and then veered so far apart. He was always a vague one that I could never get that deep of a read on, always drove me a bit insane, and I’m sure I did the same to him. We often sat around listening to Pearl Jam and The Doors (don’t ask, I have no explenation), and just poked fun at each others ways, probably for lack of understanding. But at the same time, we got each other. Both of use are were a little on the neurotic side about a few things, both has had a tendency to over think even the littlest things, both are were able to look deeper than expected.

Out of everyone I knew, he’s the one who checks in with the most honest intentions – to see how I’m actually doing. He checks on my mental well being. To see how the family is, to make sure my head is still above water. Maybe because he knows it wasn’t at one point.

It’s almost like a reminder to remember where I was, who I was, how far I’ve come, and how I’m still the same. A reminder to be honest with myself. To still look back, even though at times it can be painful. I’ve put so many things in the never think of that again folder. I think I’ve got to sift through and finally process.

And maybe heal.

My old friend and I laughed about how different our paths have become. Yet, in a way both of us are stuck in the grainy wet cement on the sidewalk. So different, but so much the same. Each and every one of us.

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  1. “Never think of that again folders” are not easy to sift through, but well worth it in the end. I will pray specifically for you in this. God bless.

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