Grumpy Baby = Cuteness

There is absolutely nothing cuter than a grumpy Paige.

I don’t know why, but she cracks me up. Maybe because she shows each and every emotion. She doesn’t hide anything. Wouldn’t that be fabulous? She takes risks, that little one ­čśë

Sept 24, 2009 014
Sept 24, 2009 018

Sept 24, 2009 027



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4 responses to “Grumpy Baby = Cuteness

  1. Oh I have to agree. Something about grumpy little ones makes me squeal and giggle at the same time.


  2. These pictures are hilarious. So cute. I have some like this but haven’t posted them…maybe I’ll reconsider. ­čÖé

  3. I think grumpy baby pics are some of my most favorite shots! So honest.

  4. awe lol she does not look happy! but it def. is cute!!

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