All in a day

Our Saturday consisted of…

Some bonding time for Daddy & Fynn

Sept 26, 2009 086

One children’s consignment event attended

Two winter coats, one pair of snowpants, several sweaters and sweatshirts, outfits, etc… purchased for under $50

One failed attempt to go to the pumpkin patch (we don’t do crowds ­čśë )

One successful trip to the park

Two underwear changes during our first trip to the park with no diapers

One race to see a train go by

Two small car naps for a little girl

One failed attempt at a nap for a certain mama

One apple cake made & glazed

One batch of applesauce made & put away

Three loads of laundry washed and dried (not put away)

Two children completely tired out

Two adults ready to collapse

Lots of hugs & snuggles

Lots of apple cake consumed

Sept 26, 2009 147



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5 responses to “All in a day

  1. That sounds like one incredibly successful day.

  2. Wow! You had a busy day, but it sounds like it was a great one. If I only I had been half as productive today…

  3. That’s a lot. Now I want apple cake ­čÖé

  4. We don’t do crowds either. I’m allergic. ­čśë Cute pictures.


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