All by yourself

Fynn is at the point where he does a lot of things all by himself.

By choice.

And that choice is not always the easiest. But we go with it. Encourage him, and nurture his independence.

I can’t tell you how many times a day I hear “No, I do it! Allllllll by myself!”

Sometimes there’s a smile, sometimes he’s concentrating.

Other times it looks something like this:

Sept 28, 2009 066

Or this:

Sept 28, 2009 068

Occasionally even this:

Sept 28, 2009 070

But most often, the end result turns out to be what’s been desired all the time:

Sept 28, 2009 071

A little bit of freedom. A breath of fresh air. The confidence and pride that comes with being able to do something all by yourself.

I just hope he occasionally asks for help when the zipper snags…



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2 responses to “All by yourself

  1. mommy boo of two

    What a big boy he’s getting to be 🙂 Noodle is the same way. And like you said, sometimes it’s good and sometimes it makes you wanna rip your hair out!

  2. I love watching my kids struggle to pull on a sweatshirt, screaming that they want to do it all by themselves. Mainly because the sight of an arm coming out of the neckhole can be pretty humorous.

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