To her, it’s all fascinating. New. Exciting.

Sept 28, 2009 012

Every day things that appear so common to weary eyes are bright and cheerful to her.

Sept 28, 2009 095

Rocks turn into treasures. Flowers into gold. Wind chimes into a symphony.

Sept 28, 2009 093

Her eyes, her enthusiasm, her spirit. These are around me every day. Today, I’m unwrapping them. Reveling in them. Seeing them as the most beautiful ~ and simple ~ gifts from above.

Sept 28, 2009 105


Please visit Emily at Chatting at the Sky for more Tuesday’s Unwrapped. You’ll find simple moments and simple mysteries unwrapped in every day life. Enjoy!



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4 responses to “Unwrapped

  1. I’m always amazed at the details my kids notice and enjoy. Thanks for the reminder to see the day through their eyes.

  2. common to weary eyes…. ah loved the honesty of that.

  3. Those are such sweet gifts–worth reveling in!

  4. One of the best parts of babyness–the discovery around every corner!

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