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Happy Halloween!

From our ghoul & goblin to yours!

Oct 21, 2009 056

Oct 21, 2009 072



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ALWAYS check your laundry

Don’t let this happen to you.

As I opened the washing machine to move a load of the kids laundry to the dryer, something seemed off. All the clothes looked not quite clean.

I started lifting the wet clothes only to find clumps of wet paper. After calling my mother (who else would you call??) I decided to shake out the clothes, and then put them in the dryer – letting the lint trap (checked often) do it’s job. As I was emptying the clothes of whatever had gotten thrown into the hamper (Paige has a slight obsession with putting things into the clothes hamper, which I should have remembered as I hastily dumped the clothes into the washer…) I realized what had gotten thrown in. A board book. A counting board book that Paige loved. I say loved, because it’s in bits and pieces. All. Over. The. Place.

Oct 30, 2009 062

Oct 30, 2009 065

The dryer is almost done its cycle, and the lint trap has definitely done it’s job, and the clothes are looking better. I’ve checked on the lint trap every five minutes, and every five minutes it’s FULL of the book. Sad, sad book. Always check your laundry for extras. Always!


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Treats for the soul

Sometimes, a little treat is good for the soul. Big souls, little souls, we all need treats. They lift the soul after a very tough week. I’ve of the belief that food can fix almost anything. Might not be true, but not be the right mindset, but it’s what I firmly believe. And when you don’t have brownies… you go to the next best thing.

One part healthy:

Oct 29, 2009 012

One part, not so healthy:

Oct 29, 2009 014

Put them together….

Oct 29, 2009 001

And it makes for very happy, very messy children.

Oct 29, 2009 016
Oct 29, 2009 019

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Peek into our week

Oct 28, 2009 010

It’s been a long week

My feet hurt from doing the walk more often than not

My arms hurt from carrying little ones with one arm and doing everything with the other

My head hurts from hearing the whining and sad cries

My heart hurts for all the times I’ve had to say just one more minute to one while taking care of the other

My soul hurts from lack of peace

But the winds are changing



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Autumn leaves and chickadees

Early this week I had high hopes of getting out and taking some new pictures for this weeks You Capture challenge. Unfortunately… the kids had other plans. We’ve been stuck inside due to Paige being really under the weather since Monday. I didn’t want to miss out on the fun this week though, so I went through photos from last week and found one from our adventure up to New Hampshire. There were pictures of the kids playing in leaves, pictures of them playing with the sandbox, but this photo has really stuck with me. The birds payed little attention to the kids that day, they were more focused on stocking up for winter, on a beautiful fall day. So simple and peaceful. So autumn.

Oct 22, 2009 018


This weeks You Capture challenge was to capture Autumn. Check out Beth’s site to see more fantastic captures!


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Our Graceland

The music and lyrics have followed us from days of bottomless glasses of wine

and nights on an ancient porch

And sometimes when I’m falling, flying

Or tumbling in turmoil I say

Oh, so this is what she means

To the chaos that is wedding planning

no matter how small & simple the day

She means we’re bouncing into graceland

To quiet evenings stretched out on the couch

enjoying the view of an expanding baby bump, softly humming the same tune

And I see losing love

Is like a window in your heart

The album has seen us through road trips

harsh and soft words, long embraces and too quick goodbyes

Everybody sees you’re blown apart

Everybody sees the wind blow

Time passes and it’s still bringing us together

thanks to man throwing caution to the wind singing at the top of his lungs

In graceland, in graceland

To no one, then a lovesong, and finally as lullabies

and silly calming mechanisms

I’m going to graceland

And all of  a sudden we’re all dancing

on a rainy Saturday going about play and chores

For reasons I cannot explain

There’s some part of me wants to see


It’s our soundtrack of the day

and all the memories of how we got here flood my eyes as the kitchen dance continues

And I may be obliged to defend

Every love, every ending

Painful and beautiful, it’s our happily ever after

Tears start as giggles take over two wee ones and a daddy in the next room

Or maybe there’s no obligations now

Maybe I’ve a reason to believe

We’re here. Happiness is ours.

We’ve made it to our Graceland.

We all will be received

In graceland

** Lines in italics are lyrics from Paul Simon’s Graceland, off of the Graceland album**


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Tuesdays page turner

Oct 24, 2009 003

He had to bring it to the dinner table. It was not an option. He was engrossed, telling his own story as he looked carefully at each and every illustration. Struggling to keep the book in the right spot as he turned the pages, the pages so big in his little hands. He didn’t eat much dinner (he rarely does) but he was at least with us at the table that evening. A small success for us in the grand scheme of things.

And who was I to make him put down his book?

I couldn’t. At that moment, in him, I recognized myself. The book worm, eager to get my hands on anything with words. The child whose imagination grew with every turned page. The girl who couldn’t get enough of worlds that were captivating and seemed somehow possible.

Who was I to make him stop?

There’s no way. While it might not be polite, the occasional book at the dinner table will be tolerated, if not encouraged. Especially when shared with enthusiasm and curiosity with his dinner dates.


Please visit Emily at Chatting at the Sky for more Tuesday’s Unwrapped. You’ll find simple moments and simple mysteries unwrapped in everyday life. Enjoy!


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