New tricks

They don’t always get along. They are, after all, brother and sister. They often want the same toys… and get into each others hair… and they aren’t the best at sharing at this point.

But they love each other. Really, they do. That’s my mantra most days. What I tell myself when I have to pull them apart, tell them to leave each other alone, or threaten to take toys away if they can’t be shared.

As they get older, they’re starting to play with each other a little more. It’s everything a mother can hope for, and more. They laugh together, hug each other, wait for each other. Sometimes I hear Fynn’s sweet little voice saying “Chase me Paige!” or “Follow me Paige!” and “Let’s go Paige!” and I just melt.

Yesterday Paige wanted desperately to go down the slide at our little playground behind our building. She’s not quite ready to go down all by herself, and my jeans had already gotten soaked from being the first to go down the slide that morning. Fynn was right behind us, and when I asked if he wanted to go down with Paige, he beamed. After showing him how to put his legs around her and hold onto his baby sister, I held my breath and they went down. They laughed belly laughs the entire way. Time and time again, they went down the slide together, laughing and holding onto each other. Fynn held on so tight that each time I had to tell him it was ok to let go once they reached the bottom of the slide.

But they did it together. And it’s just the beginning.

Oct 2, 2009 010

Oct 2, 2009 015

Oct 2, 2009 028


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5 responses to “New tricks

  1. Sweet! They love each other. =) I miss those times when such simple things brought such great joy.

  2. That is so precious! And I like your new background. May God continue to bless your family with more days like yesterday. ­čÖé

  3. Big brothers are great, aren’t they? Slides are, too.

  4. Papa and Grandma Lou

    Precious photos! What a good big brother! Papa and Grandma held Paige at the playground last week and helped her down the slide, but going down with Fynn looks like ever so much more fun! Great job!

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