Worlds to discover

Years ago, before I knew what an amazing experience it was, I visited France through a high school program. We spent two weeks as tourists in a foreign land. Immersing ourselves in the culture, the langue. But really, we were American tourists of the high school variety. We thought we were hot stuff.

The hubby and I finally sat down and watched Amelie. I love the movie, with all of my heart. It’s one of the only movies where I can say to my well traveled husband “I’ve been there! I stood underneath that! I witnessed that amazing piece of art, in person”.

It makes me remember vividly the most amazing pizza I’ve ever consumed (it was in southern France, in Nice, pepperoni, a smoldering evening, I remember the dress… to die for). It makes me think of the Gypsy Kings who I swear we saw in person at a quaint late night village festival. It makes me reminisce about discovering my first true love and being a part of it all, atop and underneath the Eiffel Tower. The innocent kiss outside a hotel door at curfew.  Magical, awe inspiring, of another world.

And right now, the only thing I can think of is how I want to share it all with my husband. Who has traveled the world at his own pace. Experienced life and culture and the world. But we have yet to do it together. We will. It’s in our cards, we’re travelers, dreamers. We live for other lives. We love ours, but we know that there’s more out there to be experienced.

In the spirit of Amelie I leave you with lists.

Things that I dislike:

Those that stick up noses. The higher the worst.

Watching anyone embarrass themselves

Dirty sinks

The sound of coins decoding scratch cards

The way I need to turn my head during love scenes in movies

Listening to people trying to speak a foreign language, when they have it all wrong

Things  I like:

Eggshells that crack in a single line

The sound of sugar pouring into a dish

Peeling an apple skin off in piece

The feel of hundreds of buttons running through my fingers

Watching a parents face as they get their child

Clicking through radio stations at a mile a minute until I hit the right one

The way my daughter runs the palm of her hand up and down my arm until she finds the right place. Then she lays her head down and sighs.

Crawling into a bed freshly made with warm flannel sheets

Life’s simple pleasures and dislikes. Too many (simple pleasures) to capture. What are yours?

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