Welcome Stanley

Meet Stanley.

Oct 6, 2009 035

He’s our newest arrival. He joins roughly 25 trains (of all varieties) and a gazillion cars and trucks.

We are by no means wealthy, but if you were to measure wealth by the amount of matchbox cars one has, we’d be the wealthiest family this side of the Mason Dixon line.

The problem is my constant trips to Target. I’ve cut down, but we still head over to Target once every few weeks. Today Fynn’s phrase on the way there was “I can’t wait to see Target! Mommy, I can’t wait to see Target!”

Cute bad mommy moment.

But getting back on point. The reason why we could be rich in terms of matchbox cars is that every time we go to Target Fynn gets to pick out a toy. Not because he’s necessarily been extraordinarily good, but because it makes him happy. We go to the toy aisle and pick out one matchbox car. Or one train (which is hardly the 99 cent equivalent of a fantasy on wheels). But still, he gets to pick out something every time we go to Target.

And that’s my fault . I know that. I get that. It’d be easy to say “no, this time we’re not bringing a toy home from target just because we need laundry detergent”.

But it makes him so happy. And proud. You cannot imagine the cuteness that occurs when he carries his toy up to the checkout lady and puts the package on the conveyor belt and waits for it to get scanned through.

However… the problem is that Paige gets left out (and the real problem is that he expects a toy every time we go to the store…. but I don’t want to deal with that…). And please, don’t let me go into the shortage of appropriate toys for me to get for Paige every time we go to the store. I’m not going to buy the girl a Barbie or a Polly Pocket every time we step foot into Target. At last with cars the imagination has some sort of unlimited access.. but really, I won’t start on the shortage of educational “girl” toys…

So we welcome Stanley for the moment. And not mention to Fynn’s daddy how we brought another toy home to join the clan.

My thinking is that maybe, just maybe, if I type this out on this blog… maybe it’ll be incentive to not buy another matchbox car, not buy another train, the next time I go out with the kids. I always think – I just won’t bring the kids with me! But really, sometimes it’s necessary. Like today, I had to get two new pillows, otherwise my mother, who came into town today, would have never let me hear the end of the crappy pillows I let her sleep on for how many nights in a row… (just kidding of course mom 😉 ).

But really, I could just say no, and let the tantrum happen once, and then it’d be the end of it.

So that’s what’s going to happen. So help me. No more new trains. No more new cars.

But for now, welcome to you Stanley. We love you, like we love every other train and car and truck in our collection.

And please, tell me I’m not the only one who has the problem of multiplying cars, trucks, and trains.


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8 responses to “Welcome Stanley

  1. This sounds very familiar… My son actually says, “go to Target and see Thomas!?” Not my best mom moment.

  2. Heather

    I’m a Target fiend too, although those days might be numbered because Nolan (who just turned 2) said, as we were walking towards the bright red store, “I don’t like this store!” Um, what?? There isn’t any room in my life for Target-haters!

  3. Oh how funny. We’d be loaded, too, if wealth was measured in cars and trains and trucks and legos.


  4. I just jumped over to read your post from “Like a Warm Cup of Coffee” and I am so in the same boat!
    Everytime we go to target, my son is all about the McQueen “Cars”. Everytime we go to Walmart he is all about the Hot Wheels. We have a collection of both plus collections of the monster trucks and the little rubber Tonka trucks. Oh and of course Thomas engines too.
    The trouble is that his collections are actually quite small and every addition fills his heart with joy. But my husband doesn’t like for me to get him a toy just because we are at the store. He insists I wait for special occasions. I would be buying them and storing them up for his Birthday, but he is always with me when I am there.
    As of recently we have come to the dilemna you mentioned as well, I have a younger daughter who isn’t old enough to ask for toys yet, but she has so very little to play with that I feel guilty getting him a toy and not her. Then I began the search through the stores to find a toy for girls similar in price to a Hot Wheel. No such thing exists just as you said. Looks like my son is really out of luck because his chances of getting an occasional treat have just gone way down!

  5. Whenever we go to tesco (supermarket in England) my daughter (yes daughter) goes mad for the cars mainly the disney cars range, she is 3.5, but if she has one she makes sure her 13month old brother gets one as well, although I do try to sneak his back without her seeing….

  6. Can I ask at what age did he really start getting into things? My little guy is almost 20 months old and he hasn’t really grabbed on to a favorite toy. We keep waiting for the train phase to hit, lol

  7. blythe

    Our cars, truck and trains are under control, but we have more dinosaurs than you could ever imagine. And we have the same problem with Target and the mall. He LOVES it because he always gets a toy or a treat. It’s mommy’s fault!

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