You Caputure – Red

Old Red

Oct 8, 2009 031

This weeks challenge at You Capture was to capture something red.

We go to our favorite orchard quite a few times a year. For blueberries, for strawberries, for apples, for pumpkins. Just for the playground. This red truck is a permanent fixture. Filled with seasonal fruit and decorations, it’s always shiny and spectacular. Ready to tell of years gone by, of seasons of tourists stumbling down the rocky dirt road to get to farm animals and a boat shaped sandbox. It’s truck itself is subtly placed, but screams out to be noticed. The red is beautiful, though {thankfully} it’s hardly subtle, and we never walk by without gazing.


Visit Beth at I Should Be Folding Laundry to check out this weeks participants!



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16 responses to “You Caputure – Red

  1. Great old truck! Love it!

  2. mommy boo of two

    I love the pumpkins in the back. Great picture!

    • i love that truck. i think it’s a studebaker (spelling?). i remember my dad had one. never ran, but it was parked out back forever. isn’t that funny how you have those childhood memories that are brought back from a photograph? thanks for the memory!

  3. I love it! so shinny =)
    Great Capture!
    Here is my RED” <–Hope u like =)

  4. What could be better than a truck full of pumpkins??!! Unless, of course, it is a cherry red antique that you captured so beautifully! Thanks for sharing, and for stopping by over at my place today.

  5. That truck is awesome! great capture.

  6. I love old trucks, and I REALLY love that one. Great picture!

  7. What a great truck! LOVE the red. And I love the way you take photos, always with such great perspective.

  8. Oh that is a great old truck and I am impressed at how shiny it too. Brings back memories of growing up and my dad had an old truck.

  9. I love it. It’s the perfect capture.

  10. What a beautiful truck and so SHINY! Great pic ­čÖé

  11. Oh my gosh. That is such a great picture. Outstanding. I am just mezmerized by it : ) Fantastic!

  12. Makes me think of my Grandpa!


  13. Great picture! Love RED captures!

  14. Love that bright red color they used to make…so powerful in pics!

  15. Great photo! Sean loves that truck!

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