Perfect way to celebrate another year

I slept in

we laughed

and picked pumpkins and apples

took a bazillion photos

smiled in the sun

ran through the orchard

breathed in fresh autumn air

ate the saltiest yummiest reubens

napped with my baby

drank good wine

ate delicious pumpkin cake

felt truly loved and blessed

it was a perfect day

possibly the best birthday yet

Oct 8, 2009 006
Oct 8, 2009 042

Oct 8, 2009 069

Oct 8, 2009 077
Oct 8, 2009 101

Oct 8, 2009 132

Oct 8, 2009 146



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11 responses to “Perfect way to celebrate another year

  1. Sounds like the perfect day. ­čÖé

  2. Booling

    Hooray! I am intrigued by pumpkin cake!!

  3. mommy boo of two

    It sounds like you had a wonderful birthday. Thanks for sharing ­čÖé

  4. liz

    omg, you make me wish my bday was in the fall! sounds like a great day–wish i was there. the orchard sounds amazing! xoxo

  5. Great photos. I can’t remember if I added you to my reader before. But I did now, so for sure you’re in there ­čÖé Thanks for the heartfelt comments!

  6. Happy Birthday! It sounds like it was a good one. Love the pictures. The kids are getting so big.

  7. Sounds perfectly perfect. =)

  8. Awww, happy birthday, little one. Your day sounds absolutely beautiful.

  9. Sounds sooooo nice! I just love all the pictures.


  10. What a wonderful way to celebrate a birthday and the beginning of the new year in your life!

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