Weeping Willow

We drive by it every time we go to my husband’s parents house. Which is quite often.

It’s soft, and majestic, and humble, and beautiful.

Much like my husband.

It’s his favorite tree.

The weeping willow.

Full of sadness and hope at the same time.

In the middle of our two hour ride, we always stop and take a moment to revel in the trees beauty.

And I always say “if only a house nearby was for sale….”

But really, it wouldn’t be the same.

A landmark.

A beautiful reminder in the midst of a long journey that we’re there for the simple reason of being who we are.

We should love that journey.

It’s a reminder of family. And happiness. And wealth.

Wealth by way of how much we have in our lives.

Hardly monetary.

But spiritually.

And how much family plays into it all.

It’s really all we have.

We each have a favorite tree.

His is also one of my favorites.

It’s how I knew.

His tree was beautiful, pointed out on the first journey we made as a couple.

Anyone who has a favorite tree… is worth noting.

Worth knowing.

Worth loving.

In my case, worth marrying.


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4 responses to “Weeping Willow

  1. Whoa…. so much to think about.

  2. Oh that is just so beautiful. Your words are dripping poetically. And I love that song you linked up.


  3. This post was like reading a poem — just beautifully written! I have to tell you, your blog is so very inspiring to me. Not just HOW you write, but what you write. Just about every post gives me something to think about, something to mull over for the rest of the day. That’s often why I can’t/don’t comment right away. I can’t. I can’t find words to do it justice, so I have to step away and ponder what I’m trying to say for a while.

    I have a favorite tree…it’s a massive maple in my grandparent’s back yard that I used to climb up in with a book and sit for hours with the book closed on my lap as I relaxed in it’s branchs. My mom used to climb that same tree as a child.

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