They followed us to the hotel elevator, they probably had a room a few doors down from us. We smiled and nodded as we held the elevator door for them. They could have been our parents. My husband and I spoke about how odd it was that as we were getting ready for a night out on the town, the kids were miles away at home hopefully tucked into their beds. The other coupled looked at each other and smiled knowingly, not speaking a word.

We thought we were going separate ways after leaving the hotel doors. Our night out consisted of finding a coffee shop, who knows where they were headed. Out of sight…

After finding our destination we hopped in line, waiting to order our drinks and a sweet treat. I turned around for a second, then did a double take. A familiar smile was behind us, along with his wife. Another nod.

We ordered, and then I went to sit and grab a table while my better half waited for our treats. She sat down as well, leaving her husband to wait with mine. The two men could have been identical, except for the grey hair. Black fleece pullovers, glasses, a certain stance. The older of the two glanced at the younger man now and then, then his wife, then at me, and smiled knowingly. Never spoke a word.

Orders in, we sat at our tables a cafe apart. Both couples enjoying a slice of heavenly red velvet cake… all joyful in the quiet moments. Warming chilled hands on hot cups of fall flavored lattes.

They left before we did, both glancing back and the husband put an arm around his wife, they smiled . Knowingly, in a sympathetic reminiscing sort of way. I looked at my husband, felt and saw love, and smiled the same smile.

Hopeful that we could be so lucky in the years to come.

Oct 12, 2009 062


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8 responses to “Knowingly

  1. Candy

    I love how you wrote this, I could just see the couple you were talking about. May you have those years, too, to smile knowingly at another younger couple.

  2. this just made my heart feel all warm & cozy… much like those lattes and warm glances. a gift in the moment, and now… in this moment.

  3. I love those fleeting moments of connection with others; it’s refreshing to see happily married couples who have been married for years and years.
    Also, have I told you lately how much I love this blog? Seriously, I love how you see and recognize the things you do as you live everyday life; it takes a great writer to relate these thing so poignantly (sp??).

  4. That was lovely!! I really enjoy seeing older couples who are obviously still in love with one another!!!

  5. Oh this was just so perfectly wonderfully romantic and real.

  6. I love this. I love looking at older couples and wondering what we’ll be like then. I sort of forget that they may be looking at us and remembering. 🙂

  7. *Sigh* This was so incredibly sweet. I still remember my grandparents holding hands, snuggling, and so obviously in love with one another. I want Colby and I to have that kind of love still — and to show it — when we’re graying and our children have children of thier own.

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