No title…

I’m a late bloomer in terms of this

I want to write about it. Write about Him. Write about faith.

But I’m not sure.

Am I doing it right? Will I offend?

I want to just write. But there’s so much riding on it

I think I do love and adore Him

How, I don’t really know

I didn’t grow up knowing Him

So I’m still learning. And questioning. And loving

And I’ll get there

In myself

I have faith

In Him

I have faith

Cringe, shutter, but I truly do belive

In myself

In Him

One and the same perhaps?

I’m a late bloomer, in terms of this.


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7 responses to “No title…

  1. There is no right way. We all find Him in our own way. And…how could you possibly offend anyone with a beautiful post like this?

  2. Your post is beautiful. To say that there isn’t a right way is like saying that you could drive on any highway to get to a specific destination. There is a right way. Keep looking. You will find it. I really wish we could go out for that cup of tea. ­čÖé

  3. Grandma Lou

    What lovely thoughts. Desiring to seek is the first step, and with a sincere heart, you will find the right path. Finding time to read from the Word will help. It is where and how God chose to speak to us. Remember, you are in my prayers.

  4. i wonder sometimes, too. i almost didn’t post about when our daughter asked to have Jesus in her heart forever the other day because i was afraid of offending or ALWAYS talking “religion.” but, then i realized that it is what it is. it is my life and i began my tiny little blog to sort my thoughts and document our everyday. and THAT is definitely in our everyday. i also “bloomed” a little late (late high school) and i feel so “behind” sometimes. but, i’m not. i’m just where i should be and He’ll meet me here. =)

  5. What a beautiful post — this really spoke to me.

  6. Awww, this is just so lovely. I love it, girl.


  7. I feel the fear, but …

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