Red cheek and cold nose kind of day

After a rough start…

Oct 14, 2009 021

We headed off into the woods

Oct 14, 2009 034

and explored through the brisk autumn air

Oct 14, 2009 055

We listened to nature ~ “I heard a bird!” ~

Oct 14, 2009 060

The wind was stronger than expected…

Oct 14, 2009 046

But our hearts kept us warm

Oct 14, 2009 088

Our souls fed by the beauty

Oct 14, 2009 092

Another red cheek and cold nose

perfect day in New England



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10 responses to “Red cheek and cold nose kind of day

  1. The pictures are adorable! I LOVE Paige’s hat.

  2. mommy boo of two

    I love these days!

  3. aww, i love how cold they feel against me when we get inside and their red cheeks press against mine!! so cute.

  4. I especially LOVE that second picture. It screams “frame me!” ­čÖé

  5. It looks like a wonderful day!

  6. I love the second picture too (the “into the woods” shot). Beautiful! I’m so jealous of your fabulous fall weather…it was 90 degrees here today. We had a nice walk today too, but it was most definitely still shorts weather in our neck of the woods. ­čÖé

  7. What wonder photos (and I agree, the second one needs to be framed!)

  8. Beautiful day with the wonderful kids. =)

  9. Oh these pictures are just so delightful!


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