My baby…

… is now in a big girl bed.

She’s not even a year and a half, and we converted her crib to a toddler bed. Call us crazy, but the thing is my kids hated their cribs. With a passion. They’ve always slept better in “real” beds. Fynn was the same exact way, in a double bed by the time he was 16 months old. I tried to hold off with Paige, but in an act of desperation I listened to my husband who said it’s time. And I think he might have been right.

However, that doesn’t make it any less sad to me that we’re done with cribs. It’s saying goodbye to one of the largest symbols of babyhood. Granted, we were (and still are) pretty big co-sleepers, so the cribs never got that much use, but they were always there.

She’s getting so big so fast. Her personality is developing, and it’s huge. She’s funny, and sweet, and caring. She’s daring, and gutsy, and fearless. You can tell by her walk, she’s full of purpose. She’s bigger than life. Too big to be stuck behind the bars of a baby’s crib. Ready for the freedom of the toddler bed… yikes. Oct 14, 2009 020


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8 responses to “My baby…

  1. I think we’re getting to the same point with Sean. He’s not sleeping as well anymore (not that he was ever a “great” sleeper, but the past month or so it’s gotten worse). He’s not sleeping well with Colby or I anymore, either, so I know in my heart that he’s ready for his own space, and probably ready for a “big-boy bed.” I’m just digging my heals in, trying to get myself ready for this transition. Trying to get ready to let my baby boy grow up. =(

  2. You are so brave. There is NO WAY I could let James and Addie have that freedom yet. Olivia would have been fine–those 2 little monkeys not so much.

  3. I took Butterfly out of her crib when she was not quite one because she was such a climber. I came into her room one morning and she was balancing on the top of the rail. I was scared she was going to climb out of her crib and fall off the rail all the way to the floor one day. FigNewTon slept better in a crib and stayed there until she was 2 1/2. Each kid is different, but that is a really monumental moment for us mom’s. Especially with the baby. Does it help to know that it won’t seem like such a big monument when she turns five and goes to school? Have a good day. God bless.

  4. I totally hear ya on this. I had a harder time moving past the crib stage than my daughter did. Sigh. It’s bittersweet…

  5. Our daughters must be about the same age. Brooklyn is 16 months. So far she has shown no inclination to climb out of the crib. She goes to sleep in it until she wakes up at some point in the night, and gets in bed with us. I will be so, so sad the day we convert her crib to a toddler bed ­čśŽ

  6. She’s moving up, growing up… you ready? lol


  7. I guess when it is time, it’s time to move on up to the big kid bed, but I am SO not ready for that. We’re keeping Finley in his crib as long as possible, because he’s not the kid that will stay put in bed until it is “time” to wake up. Sounds like it was best for your kids, and I hope everyone (mommy and daddy included!!) are sleeping well at your house now. ­čÖé

  8. Grandma Lou

    OH, she is growing too fast! I’m sure her independent nature is much happier now, though. Can’t wait to see you all.

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