You Capture – Still life

Oct 12, 2009 023

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Years ago my family lived in a duplex right next to the ocean on the New Hampshire coast. I don’t remember exactly what age I was, but it was right at the point where my brother and I were able to go on adventures by ourself. We’d go for walks down by the ocean, exerting our independence while entering worlds of pretend. We were young, but old enough to be trusted for bits of time outside of our comfort zone.

On one adventure, we found a lobster trap. We saw it as a treasure, and decided that our mother had to have it on our porch. After all, there was one already there, and it would be a perfect match. We hauled the trap down the sidewalk next to the beach road, since it was easier to walk on than the rocks and sand of the surf. Proudly, and awkwardly, we carried our prize.

Until a police man stopped us and told us we were committing a crime by taking what was not ours. He helped us put it back up on the ocean wall, explaining how the fishermen would come back and get his trap. It was not ours.

I cannot tell you how embarrassed we were, and how sad we were, mostly because we lost something that we were so proud to take home to our mother. She would have loved it, and understood exactly why we brought it home. A piece of the ocean turned into still life at home for us to admire, imagine with and turn into a piece of our history. It’s out there still, somewhere. Our treasure. Part of our story.


This weeks You Capture challenge was to show still life. Check out Beth’s site to see more fantastic captures!


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8 responses to “You Capture – Still life

  1. Lovely story! 🙂 Great photos to go along with it. 😉

  2. Hi Corinne,
    What a memorable story for you! The traps are a superb still llfe… and thanks for stopping by my blog today.
    Love the name of your blog. Very creative!

  3. Neat! Very creative shots 🙂

  4. Very visually interesting shots!


  5. I love this story! Isn’t it amazing, the little events from our childhoods that we remember in such vivid detail to this day?

  6. I love your story! Fun shots, too. Thanks for stopping by my site yesterday 🙂

  7. Great story! The pots are great photographic material.

  8. Very cool still life captures!

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