The walk

We’ve held her for hours

walking her to sleep

curled up in our arms

drifting off into dreams

As her body becomes heavy with slumber

we walk

as her eyelids drop slightly

we walk

We walk to the point where the weight of her small seemingly light body

makes our arms feel as if they could fall off

and at that very moment

she drifts off completely

somehow knowing her parents are at the brink

With warm hearts and heavy arms

we place her ever so gently into her bed

she rolls over, sighs, and snuggles into her blankets

for hardly long enough

The walk begins again

but this time

she’s fuzzy

she smells like baby

and sleep

~ the walk doesn’t seem so tumultuous ~

She’s soft

her skin radiant

and her hair glowing like a halo

~ it might be heavenly ~

Every inch of her is warm

fingertips to toes

and her cheeks feel like velvet

The walk becomes

part of the scenic route of parenting


(Paige at just two weeks old… at the very beginning of our journey with our now 14 month old)



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8 responses to “The walk

  1. This was beautiful. Just beautiful.

  2. So darling! Everything you said here is so true.

  3. Sigh…that was so good. So very good.

  4. So beautiful!! That time is just so precious. And way, way too brief.

  5. I love it Corinne. So true. These babies of ours. *sigh*

  6. Words that swayed me too….

    Thank you….

  7. So poetic and lovey, Corrine!


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