Through the eyes of my Fynn

Only through his eyes could a spider be a playmate. Someone to confide in, and share his book of the day. To him, a spider is someone. Someone to greet with a hello or depart from with a goodbye. He apparently has not acquired his mothers squirmish nature around the 8 legged creature. He tells me “mommy, I love spiders!”

Only through the eyes of my Fynn.

Oct 21, 2009 007

Oct 21, 2009 006


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One response to “Through the eyes of my Fynn

  1. *Shudder* Spiders… that’s my phobia. One I really hope I do not pass on to Sean because of my reactions! So far, anything creapy-crawly he refers to as a “Bee!” and gleefully chases after. Including spiders.

    Those photos of Fynn sharing his story with the spider are just so precious! What a sweet moment!

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