Autumn leaves and chickadees

Early this week I had high hopes of getting out and taking some new pictures for this weeks You Capture challenge. Unfortunately… the kids had other plans. We’ve been stuck inside due to Paige being really under the weather since Monday. I didn’t want to miss out on the fun this week though, so I went through photos from last week and found one from our adventure up to New Hampshire. There were pictures of the kids playing in leaves, pictures of them playing with the sandbox, but this photo has really stuck with me. The birds payed little attention to the kids that day, they were more focused on stocking up for winter, on a beautiful fall day. So simple and peaceful. So autumn.

Oct 22, 2009 018


This weeks You Capture challenge was to capture Autumn. Check out Beth’s site to see more fantastic captures!



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16 responses to “Autumn leaves and chickadees

  1. I hope your daughter feels better soon!

  2. Ughh. Sick kids. One of the not-so-fun aspects of fall. Hang in there!!

  3. Cute capture. Hope Paige is feeling better soon.

  4. How true! Watching the birds and squirrels gather is one of our favorite Fall things to do. I appreciate that you noticed the birds amid all the other fun activities…great capture!

  5. Aw that little birdie is so sweet! Hope your little one is better VERY soon. xo

  6. I hope Paige is feeling better this morning!

  7. Sorry about Paige… its been around our home this week too. I love the little bird house though!


  8. I love this capture. Perfect autumn!

  9. Yes, autumn SHOULD be peaceful and beautiful. I find it nerve-wracking thinking about winter coming. But that’s just me. I do love seeing the world wind down a bit… but then we as humans seem to wind up more–more things going on, more activities, and the rush and the stress of life. I need to chill out! Great shot of the chickadee enjoying the moment.

  10. Mary at Musingsofthesixties

    You’re right! It is so autumn. Really lovely photo!

  11. Great Capture….looks like peace…and autumn. 🙂

  12. Hope your daughter feels better soon!!

    Beautiful shot!

  13. Love the sweet little birdie!

  14. Everyone is definitely starting to nest for winter!

  15. There is something wonderfully simple and glorious about your picture. I just love it!

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