Our Graceland

The music and lyrics have followed us from days of bottomless glasses of wine

and nights on an ancient porch

And sometimes when I’m falling, flying

Or tumbling in turmoil I say

Oh, so this is what she means

To the chaos that is wedding planning

no matter how small & simple the day

She means we’re bouncing into graceland

To quiet evenings stretched out on the couch

enjoying the view of an expanding baby bump, softly humming the same tune

And I see losing love

Is like a window in your heart

The album has seen us through road trips

harsh and soft words, long embraces and too quick goodbyes

Everybody sees you’re blown apart

Everybody sees the wind blow

Time passes and it’s still bringing us together

thanks to man throwing caution to the wind singing at the top of his lungs

In graceland, in graceland

To no one, then a lovesong, and finally as lullabies

and silly calming mechanisms

I’m going to graceland

And all of  a sudden we’re all dancing

on a rainy Saturday going about play and chores

For reasons I cannot explain

There’s some part of me wants to see


It’s our soundtrack of the day

and all the memories of how we got here flood my eyes as the kitchen dance continues

And I may be obliged to defend

Every love, every ending

Painful and beautiful, it’s our happily ever after

Tears start as giggles take over two wee ones and a daddy in the next room

Or maybe there’s no obligations now

Maybe I’ve a reason to believe

We’re here. Happiness is ours.

We’ve made it to our Graceland.

We all will be received

In graceland

** Lines in italics are lyrics from Paul Simon’s Graceland, off of the Graceland album**


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12 responses to “Our Graceland

  1. Corinne's Mom

    I turned on Paul Simon’s Graceland (best album ever) and listened, remembering two small children dancing, singing, laughing, tumbling, marching….enjoying life thru this music. I will hear this song all day long and must stop to listen, remember, sing and join the laughter…with love, laughter and new visions of those children and their children.

  2. What a wonderful entry. This was almost poetic, just so beautiful to read.

  3. I love that album, and so enjoyed reading your spin on the song–capturing the memories in between the lyrics. Music is powerful that way–in taking us back to where we were when we heard it first, and sometimes (as in this case) when we heard it over and over.

  4. Very beautiful and oh-so-true about having a soundtrack for your life. We have one,too. But I’m now inspired to check out yours.

  5. Love this, Corinne. I’m glad you chose it for The Sat. Eve blog post.

    Music does this to me too, the thinking and bringing to mind feelings from all different stages of life. LOVE the song too 🙂

  6. Nice! I think I’ll go listen to it right now…

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  8. Beautiful! I can see why you listed it as your favorite.

  9. Beautiful. Just. Beautiful.

  10. Love this … your writing is so beautiful. I love popping in and I always leave inspired and encouraged.

  11. I deep dark chocolate chocolate chip heart Paul Simon’s Graceland album. It was one of my mom’s all time favorites. I grew up with it in my ears. I LOVE this twist you have put on it. Delish!

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