Peek into our week

Oct 28, 2009 010

It’s been a long week

My feet hurt from doing the walk more often than not

My arms hurt from carrying little ones with one arm and doing everything with the other

My head hurts from hearing the whining and sad cries

My heart hurts for all the times I’ve had to say just one more minute to one while taking care of the other

My soul hurts from lack of peace

But the winds are changing




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5 responses to “Peek into our week

  1. Ugh. weeks like that are so hard. Here’s to hoping things are turning for you. xo (beautiful post, by the way.)

  2. I hope today is better – more peaceful, more restful, and full of beautiful surprises.

  3. Hope everyone feels better soon. What a precious little hand.

  4. sending encouragement,
    all we can do is try sometimes,

  5. I hope tomorrow is much better for you, Paige & Fynn. You’ve got to be exhausted. =( It’s so heartbreaking when your little ones aren’t feeling well.

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