Initiation of a cook

Even if you’ve been following this blog for the shortest amount of time, you probably have gathered that around here we love food. Though some of us are pickier than others, we have the utmost respect and love for food. All kinds. Sweet, savory, baked, roasted, raw, sauted. We love it.

And almost anything to do with food. I myself actually enjoy grocery shopping at times (depending on the store and the amount of other customers of course…). But there is a certain joy that comes from picking out (relatively) healthy food for your family. I’m a sucker for a good cheese display, I cave at gorgeous produce, I grovel at the feet of neatly packaged pasta.

I think Lucas just loves food. Mostly sweets. It’s almost sinful how the man can put away chocolate cake and nightly bowls of ice cream if we have it in the house (thank you Papa for those genes!). Fynn is following is his footsteps. But Fynn also loves the process almost more than he loves the food. He’s a huge helper in the kitchen – he’ll even be my assistant for dinners he wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole upon completion. I think he might possibly end up as some sort of a culinary expert… if he’ll ever expand his palate further than yogurt and crackers.

Paige… oh Paige. My little girl loves food. From day one. She nursed like a champ, and then took to solid food like it was sent directly from heaven. She’ll try just about anything, especially if it’s on mom or dads plate.

And today, she was initiated into the preparation side of food. We made pumpkin bread, and she was the assistant baker. It was, of course, much to Fynn’s chagrin that he wasn’t the one helping, but he was satisfied to sit with a bowl of oatmeal (that in itself is a HUGE food development!!!) so Paige and I took to the kitchen and didn’t hold back. Two loves of pumpkin bread were produced, as well as a new little baker.

Nov 4, 2009 004

Nov 4, 2009 010

Nov 4, 2009 015

Nov 4, 2009 017

Nov 4, 2009 021


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5 responses to “Initiation of a cook

  1. How fun! I loved initiating my girls to the world of cooking when they were that little, too. They eat so many things that they never would have tried if they hadn’t been the proud preparer of the dish. ­čÖé

  2. liz

    yummy! i’m on my way over for a slice of bread and a glass of wine…

  3. Hello!

    I found you through the NaBloPoMo blog roll. I love cooking with my children, but they aren’t very big eaters!


  4. Yay for cooking with your children! I loved cooking with my preschoolers, when I was still teaching, and tried to plan at least one cooking project in each week’s curriculum. I haven’t cooked WITH Sean yet (other than the great flour debacle) but he’s hung out in the kitchen, watching me cook. And he loves the stand mixer just about as much as Daddy’s tractor…so I think he may be my future assistant chef. I’ll have to start letting him be more involved now that he’s older.

    Your photos of Paige up on the counter helping out are just so cute, and that third picture, of her great big grin, just slays me! She was having a blast, wasn’t she?!

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