Hiking without expectations

We tend to not set very high expectations on the weekends. We figure we’re lucky if everyone smiles for a bit, laughs a few times, if we avoid a gigantic meltdown, have less than five time outs, and if we {meaning the children…} eat at least one real meal a day. There are very few days where our expectations are not exceeded. Yesterday they were far surpassed.

Nov 7, 2009 006

On a last minute whim, with the help of Mother Nature, we drove up to the lakes region in New Hampshire for a hike that my brother and I did many times with our family as children. I cannot remember the last time I was on that specific path, but even the parking lot brought back childhood memories of gearing up for adventures. The kids were filled with excitement, giddy with fresh air and sunshine.

Nov 7, 2009 037

There were more rocks than we could count, which meant that Fynn was immediately having one of the best days of his life. Paige was just excited that we let her try hiking out with her own two feet. She navigated the rocks, though on hands and knees at times, but for bits here and there she followed her big brother with determination and giggles, along with a few “whoa!!!” ‘s at times.

Nov 7, 2009 045

We of course thanked the heavens for the Ergo, as Paige sat comfortably on my {and then later Lucas’s} back. As long as we were moving she was happy. Soaking in the trees, the sounds, and fellow hikers who passed and tapped her sneakers.

Nov 7, 2009 090

Fynn is, needless to say, a rock climber in training. He could not get enough of the rocks. Of the higher altitudes and sliding down the smooth sides. His smiles were endless, except when we tried to put his hat on. Our nature boy waved as passer byers looked on and smiled, offering words of encouragement {whether they were more for the parents or the children… I’m not quite sure…}

Nov 7, 2009 100

We did not make it to the top of Mount Major. I’m not even sure we made it halfway. But we managed to spend the better part of the morning enjoying each other, and the experience. The kids first mountain hike. And they amazed us with their cheerfulness, their strong wills and determination to have fun and keep going. We were reminded that nothing is impossible when you have a bag full of snacks and sneakers that call out to get muddy.

Nov 7, 2009 113

**I’m not sure why some of the photos aren’t coming through – but if you click on the box that should contain the image you’ll be able to see the picture full size…



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3 responses to “Hiking without expectations

  1. Hurray for a lovely hike and exceeded expectations! Where is this place? I need to check it out!
    Come to think of it, one of these days we should try to meet up in the middle for a play date. I can’t imagine it would be more than a 45 minute drive for each of us?

  2. liz

    gorgeous! sounds like a wonderful day!

  3. What a fabulous hike! That place is gorgeous, wherever it is. I’m sure my Finn would have loved those rocks too. 🙂 Hooray for a great day!

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