Blue markers

Nov 7, 2009 017

blue reminders of which way to go

sometimes on the right, the left

covered with leaves

rocks as confetti on the landscape

to stumble on

to slow us down

and though hidden at times

the marker is there

discomfort when strayed from, though not always obvious

giving in to the path, with its rocks and boulders, varying boundaries,

brings peace and solace

trust that it will lead to the destination

hope that He will lead

and He will

followed with sincerity and an open heart

a watchful eye to navigate the rocky path

He will lead through a blue marked, leaf covered trail


Please visit Emily at Chatting at the Sky for more Tuesday’s Unwrapped. You’ll find simple moments and simple mysteries unwrapped in everyday life. Enjoy!



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14 responses to “Blue markers

  1. This is simple and lovely. Thank you for sharing it!

  2. I love that you’ve been sharing your poetry lately. You just may inspire me to be brave enough to share some myself. Very cool photo, too.

  3. I love this. Lovely, lovely poetry.

  4. Yes, what Elizabeth said. I love that you’ve been sharing poetry too. Beautiful words, lady!

  5. I love this….such a beautiful poem!

  6. Somedays I wish He would drop real paint markers for us. I sure would follow them. Instead, I close my eyes and hold out my hand for him to lead. Because I know he sees the mark.

  7. Such a nice reminder. 🙂

  8. I love this. I read this yesterday, and held off commenting right away, hoping to find a more eloquent way to say how much I loved this. I have nothing…I’m still left with “I LOVE THIS.”
    So many of your recent posts have caught me just the right way, and I find myself still mulling over them hours after reading. Thank you for that!

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