The little cake that could

I love homemade cakes.

I like to make cakes.

I’ve even decorated my share of pretty cakes.

Not today.

Today, I cried. Sobs like I don’t remember sobbing since… well… I cannot remember.

I wanted to make my son a dinosaur birthday cake this year to celebrate his third birthday. I spent all day thinking about it today, cutting out templates, baking the cake, making the icing. Then I started. And constructing it turned out to be the easy part. Icing? It brought me to my knees. It brought me to tears.

Lucas was getting the kids to sleep when I started on my endeavor. And by the time he came out, he saw me, covered in blue and green icing, sobs and laughter on the kitchen floor.

As I was telling him why I was a cake decorating failure (it’s all about the icing, and Mom, no matter how much confectioner sugar I added it kept melting – I swear!!!!), I sobbed and sobbed, and then I almost screamed “AND THEN THE HEAD FELL OVER!!!!” and I burst out in laughter, still sobbing of course. I was a sight for sore eyes.

And then my husband, who is probably the most incredible man alive, took a bowl of icing, an extra block of cake, and made the dinosaur a tree stump to put his head on (or a tree to eat, we’ll see how the birthday boy interprets it tomorrow…). Lucas told me over and over how Fynn was just going to love it, because it was indeed a dinosaur cake. It didn’t matter if the icing was dripping off, or if the head fell over, or if it was blue and green swirls instead of just green with blue accents… and he’s right.

My mother always made our birthday cakes. It was always special to pick out what cake we wanted, and to see the end product. And they were always beautiful cakes (though I now understand why she didn’t use star tips for piping or anything else crazy…. she was crafty enough with candies & cookies for decorations… note taken…) but I’m willing to bet they weren’t perfect. There were flaws, but to me and my brother, our cakes were always the best in town, and we secretly pitied those who had store bought cakes because they weren’t as cool as ours.

I think Lucas knew my sobs were about more than just the cake, because in typical Lucas fashion, he said the right thing tonight, “you are a wonderful mother”. I love him, very few men would say that as they picked up a knife full of melty icing in attempts to help fix a little cake that ultimately could make a little boy very happy, and that in turn will bring that little boys mommy to tears again (I’m just guessing… my kids birthdays have that effect on me…). It’s always about that. It’s always trying to be the best we can for our kids, and not letting them down. As soon as they’re born it’s about that, and it never stops.


Now, when you look at these pictures know that I am now laughing and giggling over the cake that is in the fridge waiting to Fynn to see it tomorrow! Be nice though…

I think this is the best angle:

Nov 14, 2009 019

This might be the worst:

Nov 14, 2009 017

And this… oh dear… I think the correct phrase is just “Oh my goodness”:

Nov 14, 2009 015



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10 responses to “The little cake that could

  1. You know what…Fynn is going to be over-the-moon excited when he sees his special cake! And this will probably be a cake he’ll remember for years. He won’t care that it’s not an “Ace of Cakes” quality cake. He’ll care that it’s HIS special dinosaur cake…and how cool is that?

    If it makes you feel any better, I had a cake disaster before Sean’s 1st birthday party. I posted about it in hysterics that day!

    I LOVE homemade cakes (and harbor some serious disdain for store-bought cakes, but I try very hard to keep that under wraps!). I think what I love about them is the time and effort and *love* that goes into them. I’ve got to give you some serious credit for making the cake you did for Fynn. It’s going to be a great memory for all of you!

  2. oh, corinne! my husband just walked in to me laughing (sympathetically of course) over this, and when I told him, and what your husband said, he smiled and nodded ‘yep’ – meaning – that’s what a hubby is supposed to do. ­čÖé

    happy birthday to fynn, and the cake looks DELICIOUS. Made with extra love.

  3. Happy Birthday, Fynn!!!
    I think it is fantastic! I hope I am as cool of a mom as you are. The attempt alone makes you totally the winner of the Mom of The Year Award!!!

  4. Booling

    I think it is just great!! Anything with colorful icing!! I will tell you the story of the “Avalanche” cake which also ended in tears on the kitchen floor!!

  5. I think the cake is fantastic and can’t wait to hear about how much Fynn loved it! This was so refreshing to read…as I start thinking about the Pirate themed cake I’m making for Kiran in a week or so. When I’m in tears, I’ll come back and read this for a little perspective!

  6. Blythe

    Fynn is going to LOVE his cake! I know better than to even attempt a dinosaur cake. Hope he’s enjoying his birthday!

  7. Looks great! We also had a homemade dinosaur cake for Evan’s 3rd birthday. It turned out not too bad. It’s hard, though. Icing cakes, I mean. I hate doing it because I can’t get it the way I want it. But then I have a friend who does that and I can’t get over how great hers looks. Anyways, good job. He’ll be thrilled that you did it and he’ll love it. =)

    By the way, love your new blog layout! Awesome.

  8. mamarissa

    I think it’s wonderful! I know you already celebrated but I just had to comment and say BRAVO for going for it. It looks like a dinosaur to me, and also, BRAVO to your husband for being awesome and seeing right through to the heart of the matter. He’s obviously a good guy! ­čÖé

  9. I think your cake is great! It way better of a dinosaur than I could have made. I can bake with confidence, but I have absolutely zero skills when it comes to icing and decorating. I probably would have been laughing and crying too! Your husband sounds like he was so supportive and great! I’m sure Fynn loved his cake!

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