Three years old

At 8:26 this morning, Fynn turned three.

Nov 15, 2009 030

We celebrated with gifts that showcase his talents, and loves (a baking apron & utensils, a new train…)

Nov 15, 2009 006

We celebrated him with family. His unique style, his individuality, Fynn.

Nov 15, 2009 056

We celebrated the fact that without Fynn, so much would not have happened in our lives. Three years of being a Daddy…

Nov 15, 2009 025

Three years of being a Mommy…

Nov 15, 2009 041

We celebrated with cake, perfect through a little boys eyes.

Nov 15, 2009 074

… we at a lot of cake…

Nov 15, 2009 129

Today, we celebrated our son Fynn. All of his three years. The good, the bad, the smiles and joys.

He brings us more love and happiness than he could know.

Happy  Third Birthday Fynn! We love you!!

Nov 15, 2009 096



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13 responses to “Three years old

  1. Booling

    Love love love this entry, made me cry!

  2. Ah, too precious! There’s nothing like that milestone feeling of watching your kids turn another year older. Congrats!

    PS: I LOVE the name, Fynn! Beautiful.

  3. mamarissa

    Happy birthday to Fynn! I looove the apron and cooking utensils. Great gift!

  4. Andrea

    Happy Birthday Fynn!

  5. Happy Birthday Fynn! I absolutely love the apron with his name on it! He must be so proud of it!

  6. So sweet!
    Happy birthday, Fynn!

  7. liz

    happy, happy birthday fynn!

  8. Grandma Lou

    Happy Birthday Fynn! You are a very special little boy, and we are very proud of you. We love you very much. Enjoy your apron. Papa is looking forward to lots and lots of cookies!

  9. How sweet! Love the pantsless pic– I have one of my Harry on his 3rd b-day wearing a pull up and his new roller skates 🙂

  10. Happy birthday Fynn. You’re totally adorable.


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