For you, we blog

Recently I’ve been thinking about blogging. I keep getting the question from friends and family (who do not blog…) “why?” Normally I say it’s a hobby, keeps my mind active, etc. But aside from the whole closet introvert being able to get heard thing, it’s really about community. If you’re even remotely dedicated to blogging you’re accepted into this crazy, unique, inspiring, caring, and heartwarming community. It’s sort of like how you see motorcyclist wave to one another (or put their hand down, I’m not really sure what they do…) Bloggers nod to each other in acknowledgement. In this one way, we’re all the same. We rally behind one another, support each other, applaud and smile with one another. We are one.

Up until last night, I hadn’t heard of Anissa Mayhew (how I hadn’t, I have NO idea, after looking at her site she seems like the perfect combination of real, funny, and human that make me cry and laugh all at once, which you all know I adore in a blogger) But all of a sudden last night Twitter lit up with the hashtag #prayersforanissa and any fool would know something was up. Turns out Anissa is laying in a hospital ICU after suffering a stroke.

Now, I’m not going to pretend to know her. I’m not going to go on and on about her situation, because it’s not mine to talk about. What I do know is that she has touched many people (some of my bloggy friends even… six degrees of separation and all that!). And I know that she doesn’t deserve this.

So please, if you believe in prayer send up a few prayers for Anissa and her family. If you believe in hope, send a few wishes for hope for her. Anissa – know that we are all rallying behind you, and you are deeply loved. In real life, we’d all give hugs and bring your family casseroles. But for most of us, we will blog for you.

And seriously, this blogging thing, it’s incredible. Don’t underestimate the power of blogs.

Below are a few places you can help, and learn about Anissa.

Free Anissa (her site)

Aiming Low, Hope for Anissa


The Spohrs Are Multiplying


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4 responses to “For you, we blog

  1. This community is amazing. I totally agree. It almost makes me want to go to BlogHer just to meet these crazy funny REAL women (and men) in person.

  2. This is heart-wrenching to read. I hadn’t come across her blog before now, and I’ve just read back through her last few entries. She — and her family — are in my prayers.

  3. I too have not met Anissa but have read her blog and find her sense of humour brilliant. The community is awesome and I wish that my family would understand more, as it is not about airing dirty laundry, even though my laundry is always piling up, it is about finding that commonality that really bonds us all, and as a Mom it is about not feeling so all alone in the depths of Mommyhood and the triumphs of Mommyhood.

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