Friday night

This is what our Friday night look like

two glasses of red, chips straight out of the bag {they taste better that way…}, salsa and a paused movie because the baby woke up

and the movie {Be Kind Rewind, for those wondering} has been paused about a dozen times for the same reason

but these are our nights

we steal moments while we can

sipping red and eating a bit of fire

rejoicing in the quiet moments while they last

they are few and far between

so we enjoy them as they come

sitting next to each other finding ourselves laughing at the same moments

reconnecting for seconds at a time

it’s love

and it’s parenthood

while they’re young we take our moments as they are given

our uninterrupted ones will come later

and while we look forward to them and all their glory

right now we wouldn’t change a thing


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11 responses to “Friday night

  1. That’s lovely. Get those moments while you can. 😉

  2. What a wonderful attitude …. we should all remember that these “interrruptions by children are fleeting. And how much we will miss them when they are gone!!! But continue to treasure your “stolen” moments with your husbad!

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  4. Just keep loving each other, and grab as many moments as you can.

    Best gift parents can give their children is to love each other deeply and profoundly – and that stands as a shining testimony and example

  5. And there will be sleep again. Just hang on. It will happen. Sometimes, when you least expect – like most of the good things in life.

  6. “while they’re young we take our moments as they are given

    our uninterrupted ones will come later”

    And when they do, will we be wishing for the past like we now wish for the future? 🙂

  7. yes! we’ll miss not pausing the movie 17 times someday. glad you steal these moments, too.

  8. I think those stolen moments are all the more precious because of how few & far between they can be. I know I cherish them!

  9. and then sorry to say it comes around crazy again, getting them to their social events, picking them up when you’d rather go to bed , or when you’re already in pj’s but their ride falls through.
    Take the moments when you can is right. And make them the memories instead of waiting on the hallmark suppose to be ones!

  10. Yes. This looks exactly like most of our evenings, complete with a toddler waking up and a movie paused repeatedly. It is a blessing.

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