Common thread

In a wildly sentimental moment today I started looking through old posts at our original blog, The Story of Fynn & Paige. I started at the beginning, with the funny stories of our day to day life with just Fynn. I smiled, got a little teary, and remembered all that I haven’t thought about in months, if not years.

As I looked at Fynn’s baby pictures I saw him. But I also saw Paige. It’s one of the funny things about having multiple children, seeing them in each other. They are their own individuals, without a doubt, but there is a common thread. In photos they share the same glorious kissable baby cheeks, and they have the same face when they are captured laughing uncontrollably. And the mischievous smile… that’s the same.

And then there’s parts of Fynn that are entirely his own. Like his gaze. And his pout. Those are just Fynn.

Paige has looks her very own, Fynn was never quite as strong willed and full with… we’ll call it passion. She also has her own gaze. With eyes more like her father’s, a subtle hazel that changes with the light, where Fynn (and mine) are unquestionably blue.

But they sleep the same way. With those cheeks calling out to be touched and kissed even when you know you could risk waking them. But you have to. Ask my mom, she’s almost woken both my kids up for the same reason I do it myself. Those cheeks!!

Sometimes I need to be reminded to look past their common thread, but I hold onto it because as time goes by the thread gets tighter and thinner. It runs taught between the two of them. It might take longer to find it, as their own personalities are growing larger than life, but it will always remain.




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11 responses to “Common thread

  1. Oh, this is a beautiful post. What a poignant reminder that we need to pay attention to those details in our children … to notice those things that bind us together as family … thank you.

  2. I’m surprised they have any cheeks left! You’d think they’d have kissed off by now! 😉

    My personal weakness are chubby baby thighs…. so squeezable and snackable! (Sounds a heck of a lot weirder and creepier than it actually is. Trust me. I think…)

  3. Aaaaand now I want to have another baby. Such cute pictures! I love looking at baby pictures and seeing the children they are now in the baby faces they used to have. Very sweet.

  4. Yours really do look quite a bit alike. I had to do several retakes before it got cemented in my brain that the first picture was Fynn, not Paige. With my girls, it has always been harder. From birth, Butterfly looked distinctly like me and FigNewTon looked distinctly like her dad. Strangers see the similarities in my girls more than those that know them.

  5. Good to know about this, great information

  6. This was so wonderfully sweet. It’s just amazing how like each other siblings can be, while at the same time being such uniquely different individuals! My brother, sister & I were talking about this on Thanksgiving, about ourselves. That bond, that thread that connects them, that you wrote about, does last.

  7. Your babies are beautiful. And your post is a lovely reminder to cherish them at each stage. Sometimes (in the blur of sleeplessness) it seems to go so slowly. At other times, much too quickly. But following the sibling threads as they grow and change is part of the pleasure of the process.

  8. I am generally a big fan of the phrase “Never wake a sleeping baby” – but for those cheeks, I would do it in a heartbeat!

  9. Blythe

    They are both so cute! J & M also have similarly chubby cheeks and look most alike when they’re sleeping.

  10. Oh they are just so lovely, Corrine! So very lovely.


  11. Found you via SarahMae…this post was simply beautiful…beautiful children…beautiful pictures…beautiful smiles….and beautiful writing to capture it all.

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