Relatives…. AVERT YOUR EYES!!!

If you are a relative of me or my children please close this post…







Unless you want a gift from your grandchildren/niece/nephew/cousin to not be a surprise





in turn breaking Paige & Fynn’s little hearts




mmm kay? Close it. Yup. Close it




Alright, for the rest of you… I wanted to share a little project that the kids and I did Sunday before all of our noses started running. Snowmen ornaments made w/ hand prints. {Warning: they are far from perfect, but cute!}

I love giving Christmas tree ornaments for gifts. Our ornament collection is one of my most prized possessions, and I could tell you where we got, or who we received each ornament from. But the ones I treasure the most are the handmade ones, whether by myself, my mom, or anyone else. My mother (I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before) is super craft woman. She’d give Martha Stewart a run for her money, except she loathes her, so she wouldn’t even compete with the woman. But I digress…

In any case, these were relatively fun and easy ornaments to make. Last year we held a playdate with our mommy group and a bunch of kids and their mom’s came over to make these. They didn’t turn out quite as well as they did this year (and this year was a bit messy, so you can only imagine!!) Here’s what you need:

as many plain glass or plastic ball ornaments as you want to create (we used clear this year, but last year used red & green balls and were just as cute!)

white craft paint

whatever kind of colored paint (or markers) you want to use to embellish

raffia or ribbon for the ties

a wonderful sense of humor

children’s hands

Now, take a look at the finished product and then I’ll fill you in:

Nov 30, 2009 003

What you’ll need to do is somehow cover your kids hand with paint. I put a bunch of paint on a paper plate and then dunked each kids hand in. Then, somehow get your kid to hold onto the ornament, imprinting their hand print.

Let the handprints dry.

Then, using whatever paint/markers you want, draw a snowman on each finger print. I used those tubes of puff paint that we used back in the day to make t-shirts and other crazy craft projects…

And voila! you’re done. And hopefully you’ve been a little more successful than I was w/ the cuteness factor when it came to the snowmen’s hats and scarves 🙂

But you get the idea. Grandparents eat this stuff up!

And the kids end up being pretty proud as well…

Nov 30, 2009 004

Now, I will say that with Paige’s handprints I had to get a little creative in finding the snowmen…

But as long as you have a sense of humor, and even a trace of a creative eye, I think you’ll be fine!

Nov 30, 2009 005

**you might notice the photos are a bit bigger… with the help of Laura I’m now using Flickr for uploading photos, which is a bit of a change, but I think it’ll be a good one! Thanks Laura!


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21 responses to “Relatives…. AVERT YOUR EYES!!!

  1. How cute are those? Love it!

  2. Those are adorable~! What an excellent idea. MY friend and I were just looking into doing ornaments with our kids, and I think we’ll take a shot at these. Snowmen out of fingers: brilliant!

  3. Great idea! I’m so snagging this one! It’s like you were reading my mind — I love homemade Christmas ornaments, and wanted to make it a tradition that Sean makes something each year to share with our families (and for our tree, too, of course!).

    ::rushes to add a trip to Michael’s to my ever-growing to-do list::

  4. Nicki

    These are absolutely gorgeous! Wonder if I can convince my kids (15-25) to make some?

  5. I like to give homemade kid ornaments every year too. These are ADORABLE! I might have to try this. Thanks for the idea!

  6. I love these! I do paint handprints with Casey sometimes and I know exactly just how hard it is to get a good handprint, lol. I think we might try it!

  7. too stinkin cute!! you are sooo creative!

  8. Heather

    I just went to Target to get the supplies for these. Super cute and it looks like I could manage with my 2 boys 🙂 Good idea!

  9. Super cute idea! and I love how you diverted the relatives..ha! 🙂

  10. That’s a great idea! I might just use it!

    By the way, I did notice and love how you’re photos are bigger. =)

  11. so cute & i’ve been wanting a new craft to do! thanks for sharing.

    and yes, i like the size of your photos! =)

  12. Those are just wonderful ornaments…your family will love them!

    sandy toe

  13. These turned out SO GREAT!! I love them, and I’m sure all the relatives will too! What a neat gift. Also, what a coincidence that you mentioned this project today, since this afternoon I was talking with Finley’s teacher about their holiday crafts, and she mentioned this one! 🙂

  14. These are adorable. We are trying something similar next week in preschool.

  15. What a GREAT idea. Also, thinking of you and the retest tomorrow!


  16. How adorable! I’m going to give this a try!
    Super cute idea. Thanks!

  17. This is going on the List of Things To Do For Christmas. And again: the photos. Are beautiful.

  18. I just stumbled across this poem, and was going to type it up for tags to go with the ornament (yeah, I totally stole your idea…it was just too cute not to do!).

    These aren’t just five snowmen
    As anyone can see.
    I made them with my hand
    Which is a part of me.
    Now each year when you trim the tree
    You’ll look back and recall
    Christmas of ____
    When my hand was just this small.

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